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2023-10-News: Neuer Container in Mexiko in Arbeit.


mexican tiles - located in europe

Hand craftet mexican tiles - directly imported from mexico.
The tiles are handmade "hecho a mano" with the dimensions of 5x5 or 10x10 cm but they turn out a little bit bigger.
These tiles are made for walls in the kitchen or in the bath room.

We deliver these tiles all over europe.

Ask for our delivery conditions.

Our warehouse with showroom is located in the northern of germany near the border to the netherlands.

Some example pictures from our customers:
Ask us!
We helped customers all over europe.
Experience with mexican tiles since 2004.
We like to help you to compose your own and unique tiled wall
Please write us: info@mexiko-fliesen.de
Order your example tiles today.
mexican tiles as kitchen-tiles
Combination of 10x10 tiles Lace Azul (Zum Produkt)
and Mexican White (Zum Produkt).
mexican tile grid
One of our best selling tiles: Avila (Zum Produkt).
mixed mexican tiled wall
a classical mixed tiled wall
rustical citchen tile - border
The border - tile Union (Zum Produkt) with Mexican White (Zum Produkt)
mexican tiles - for the citchen
You can compose such a classical tiled wall
just here in the internet or in our warehouse
splash guart with tiles
A splash guard with mexican tiles..

You are living in europe?
We deliver the tiles - in a good wrapping - all over europe.
Picture with oiled terracotta tiles
Oiled terracotta tiles (Zum Produkt) combinated with
beautiful handpainted tiles.
terracotta tiles
Its neccessary to oil the terracotta tiles at the right time.
tiled sill
Window sill tiled with mexican tiles.
design your tiled wall
The tile Damasco (Zum Produkt) in combination with
Mexican White (Zum Produkt).
We say thank you to all of our customers for all the nice pictures of their work.

Your team of mexiko-fliesen.de
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